Citizens United to Kick Congress in the Can!

PinkSlipAnother current critique fomenting Bernie bias is that Sanders would be a lame duck president, with tone-deaf pundits trashing his aggressive agenda as “D.O.A.”, “down for the count”, and “dead as a doornail” in our cash-infused conservative Congress. These egoist establishment naysayers argue that if centrists like Obama couldn’t push “pragmatic” policy past the GOP, how will a hard-hurling lefty hit the strike zone in the Land of No? Well, if that’s your attitude folks, why not just vote Republican so we can “get stuff done” like Hillary keeps hollerin’?

But such maximal measures may be moot, because if Bernie wins the nomination turnout tallies will explode, sending a stampeding storm of victorious voters to the polls, not for charity (as red baiters believe), but to destroy disastrous disparity in America.  This history-making horde will flip the sinister Senate, even that hellacious House of horrors, back to our Democratic damsels in distress. Bernie’s message will energize these voracious voters as will the prospect of triumphing over a tirading Trump, the demonizing demagogue who fosters fear and strikes terror in trans-migrant hearts.

But wait! What about those Democrats who danced on Bernie’s coattails all the way to D.C., sizing up their shiny Senator seats on Inauguration Day? Won’t they be bought-and-paid-for with cold, hard campaign cash? How will Bernie dissuade these dishonest Dems from lapping at the well-heeled loafers of lascivious lobbyists?  Answer:  By boarding T.R.’s train to the Bully Pulpit and bellowing, from sea to shining sea:  PURSUE THE PEOPLE’S PROGRAM.  PRONTO!

But this won’t do the trick, even in tempestuous times, if the Almighty Dollar rules the roost.  Will unsatisfied citizens in a sickly system have the power, or the means, to circumvent the High Court’s campaign-cash cabal?  Unless these judicial figureheads of finance frustrate their overlords by finding religion on the true frequency of free speech, Bernie’s bellows will fall on deaf ears.  So how will the people confront this confounding conflation of the First Amendment franchise and Big Business-backed bucks?

With diminutive democratic donations of course! Bernie’s bastion of small contributors will continuously crash our occupied offices like waves at Normandy Beach.  Voters will recoil at repugnant Representatives reneging on (and reigning in) the People’s promise.  Millions of Mr. Smiths will “go to Washington” to chastise craven Congressional charlatans hooked on corrupt campaign cash, and cry:  “KICK ‘EM TO THE CURB!” on Capitol Hill.

And we will!  No mid-term melancholy here folks; no reprise of those dreaded days when oscillating Obama cobwebbed his campaign until Term Two. Sanders will keep the fire BERNing while we brazenly boot irreconcilable Representatives off the reservation.  Not with virulent violence as Trump would tout, but by virtue of VOICING OUR VOTE.  That’s right!  Bernie-backers will blast the blithering bums into oblivion, re-setting the mid-term that laughed its way to the bank in lieu of lighting Lady Liberty.

So Citizens Unite!  After all, according to the Court’s munificent majority, money equals speech.  Right?


Citizens United to Kick Congress in the Can!

Mo’ Message

Turnout trounces Trump in a general election.

Keep heart Bernie-backers! The revolution continues. He (we) may not have done as well as expected Tuesday, but as long as we feel the Bern, this movement will hound Hillary to the convention (and beyond).

First, Clinton won Florida because that primary was CLOSED, shutting out Independent voters more likely to vote for Sanders. Many of these voters were also older, comfortably retired, died-in-the-wool Clinton fans who aren’t looking for a revolution. Trust me, if you’re retired in Florida, you’re probably doing OK and won’t rock the boat (I mean yacht).

Second, exit polls revealed voters in Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois and Missouri believed 2 to 1 that Clinton has a better shot at beating Trump than Bernie, even though a Hillary nomination will depress turnout and serve the White House to Trump on a silver platter (he loves silver platters).

So it behooves Bernie-backers to knock these folks off the fence (gently please) and get ’em to feel the Bern again. Look: 8 in 10 exit-polled voters on Tuesday trusted Bernie more than Clinton, which means those uncertain citizens wanted to VOTE FOR BERNIE, but feared (wrongly) he’d lose in the general. This is a disturbing development, and I’m even hearing it from friends, but it’s a scam, rooted in the illusion of “electability” – a synonym for status-quo.

These folks need to know that, unlike Hillary, Bernie excites the base and INCREASES turnout, because he’s already won the message. Witness Hillary’s sudden stance on unfair trade agreements (TPP), her out-of-left-field anti-corporate talking points, and her 180 pivot on whether Michigan’s governor should resign over the Flint water crisis. But like the old 80’s hit, Hill is just “talk-talk” while Bernie’s all walk-walk, even though her new songs spawn side-splitting SNL skits.

Why does Bernie walk while Hillary talks? Because the American people know lobbyists can’t buy him, which is why 80% of those exit-polled voters trusted Bernie more than a finger-to-the-wind flip-flopper. Now all we need to do is get ’em to vote for the candidate (and the movement) they trust instead of against a false fear.

The convention is in June, so time is on our side. More time means more democratic donations, more voracious volunteers, and above all, mo’ message.

Two months is a lifetime when information (and a donation) travels at the speed of light.

Mo’ Message

The Lenoir Voice Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

The youth movement of the 1960’s ended Vietnam and pushed Civil Rights over the goal line, ushering in a long, steady march towards social equality, culminating with the landmark same-sex marriage ruling last year. The youth movement of the 2010’s will end the endless War on Terror and win ECONOMIC equality for every American: White, black, Latino, Asian, straight and gay.

The Lenoir Voice Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Stop the Biased Bernie-Bashing



The establishment media, especially the Washington Post, is doing everything in its power to dampen Bernie-movement enthusiasm by collectively reporting that Clinton is “sprinting” to the finish line and relegating Bernie’s victories in 4 states (and 1 tie) on Super Tuesday to after-thought status.  I’m frankly flabbergasted and outraged at their biased reporting and editorializing.  Bernie handily beat Hillary in major states: Minnesota (25 points), Colorado by 20 points, Oklahoma by 10, and Mass was a virtual tie.  His percentages in almost every southern state also improved from the dismal 18% in the SC primary (with the exception of Alabama) well into the 30% range, yet all we hear from the Washington Post are quotes like:  ” . . . as she marches towards the Democratic nomination.” and “”Clinton is now on a path towards a PERMANENT lead among delegates, etc.”  They did it again this week when Bernie won Michigan after being down 20 points in the polls by hyperventilating over Hill’s win in a minor state (Mississippi) while brushing Bernie’s win aside.  Forget about the Post’s completely distorted anti-Sanders editorials.  That’s a subject for another Bernie Blog.

The most outrageous trick is the Post’s failure to differentiate pledged “super” delegate tallies from actual EARNED delegates won through the primary process, so what we end up with is a totally distorted 883 to 232 delegate “lead” for Hillary pasted above Super Tuesday’s front page headline: “THE FRONT RUNNERS SPRINT AHEAD”.  BUT, her actual lead in reality was not nearly so insurmountable:  577 to 394 with 2383 needed to win!! Now, which sounds better, an 8.8 to 2.3 ratio, or a 5.7 to 3.9 ratio with months of primaries left on the calendar and delegate-rich New York and California on the horizon?  And all this with Bernie breaking records for small cash contributions?

Bernie is absolutely right – this system is rigged and it should be no surprise the Clinton Democratic machine and neo-liberal media are all singing the same song, but even NPR? And Al Franken?  A real progressive (so I thought), but still waving Hillary’s coronation crown when his own state just went for Bernie 62 to 38?  The bottom line is that all these guys, including the Black Caucus, are all about protecting their own interests over the people’s, and it should make us really sick.


Stop the Biased Bernie-Bashing